Of the House of Delegates During the 60-Day WV Legislative Session
January 13 to March 13, 1999 and the Extended and Special Sessions

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This information is provided as a courtesy from the West Virginians Against Government Waste (WVAGW) 1999 Roll Call Vote. If you would like more information concerning this valuable resource, then click here for contact information.

WVAGW is a group of West Virginia taxpayers dedicated to identifying and combatting waste in government. WVAGW has identified the below listed eight issues plus one request for a roll-call vote as important to the taxpayers' interests in the 1999 legislative session. This list is keyed to the "Taxpayers' Scorecard" table in which taxpayer-favorable votes are identified by a plus sign (+) and unfavorable votes by a minus sign (-). In the vote tallies below the underlined votes are pro-taxpayer. One issue ("1a" in the "Taxpayers Scorecard") is a roll-call vote request and not a vote on a bill. It is closely related to Vote "1." The nine Delegates who raised their hand for "1a" are identified by an asterisk (*) and were given extra credit in the "Taxpayers Scorecard." Delegates who did not raise their hand for "1a" were not penalized.

1. Recorded votes on passage of all house bills to increase accountability - Roll call votes are seldom requested on all but the most controversial of votes. No roll call votes were requested during the first half of the 60-day legislative session. Leadership in opposing the proposal said it would slow the process down, was not needed on many votes and could be done already by any member requesting it. (HR 14) 2/15/99, RC#12 (Shall HR 14 be rejected?) (81-14)

1a. Roll-call vote request - Four race tracks in four counties want to modify their video gambling machines to become casino-type slot machines, with coins in and coins out. On 3/4/1999 an amendment was proposed calling for referendums in the four counties to decide whether or not the modifications should be allowed. Without such referendums the modifications will be allowed without input from citizens in the four counties. The county referendum amendment was defeated on a voice vote. A request was made to have a recorded "roll call" vote on an amendment. Such a request needs the support of ten delegates. Nine Delegates raised their hands. Their votes are identified in the "Scorecard" by an asterisk (*). The names of the nine were documented by a Kanawha-Putnam area Delegate.

2. Two-thirds Supermajority tax vote requirement - Changing the House of Delegates rules so that a two-thirds vote of the House members would be required for that body to pass a tax increase. (HR 15) 2/15/99, RC#13. (Shall HR 15 be rejected?) (83-12)

3. Salary increases - For administration heads, judges, magistrates, legislative per diem, etc. (SB 709), 3/12/99 RC#337 (60-37)

4. Establishing a new two-year college - Creating the Eastern West Virginia Community & Technical College in the House Finance Committee Chairman's district. (HB 3019) 3/21/99 RC#498 (91-5)

5. Budget Bill - of $2.66 billion with no significant tax reduction despite substantial growth in state revenues and spending, FY 2000. (HB 2200) 3/21/99, RC#505 (92-4)

6. Salary Scale Adjustment amendment - to give a larger number of department heads raises with smaller increases. (HB 101), 3/22/99, RC#522 (27-68)

7. Vote to take out $10,000 increase for Supreme Court Justices - after Justice Starcher complained to and threatened lawyer legislators who did not support them on earlier vote. (HB 105), 3/22/99, RC#523 (12-83)

8. Vote to raise the cap on the salary of the State Superintendent of Schools - from $100,000 to $146,100. (HB 202), 5/19/99, RC#537 (61-27).