West Virginians Against Government Waste (WVAGW)
1997 & 1998 -- Regular Session -- Roll Call Votes

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This information is provided as a courtesy from the West Virginians Against Government Waste (WVAGW) 1997 and 1998 Roll Call Vote. If you would like more information concerning this valuable resource, then click here for contact information.

#1. Hotel/Motel Tax. The state authorized the counties to raise the local hotel-motel tax from 3% to 6%. Approved in House 82-16, died in Senate. (HR 2545) RC#261 4/4/97.

#2. Roll Call Votes. All bills on passage having recorded votes with Yeas and Nays thereby increasing public accountability of how legislators vote to represent their con- stituents. Most votes are not recorded in the House of Delegates (Senate requires re- corded votes) as a way to avoid "hanging legislators out." (HR 11) 2/16/98 RC#29 (voted down, 15-83).

#3. Super majority for tax increases by requiring two thirds of the delegates to vote for passage of bills containing tax or fee in- crease. (HR 13) 2/16/98 RC#30 (rejected 78-19).

#4. Procedural vote to reduce food tax--Motion that the House of Delegates resolve itself into a committee of the whole to take up a bill that would phase out the food tax. 3/6/98 RC#245 (voted down, 15-84).

#5. Judge and magistrate pay raises-- Bill started out as a pay raise for magistrates, clerks and assistants in small counties; with amendment circuit ($80,000 to $87,500) & supreme ($85,000 to $90,000) court judges got pay raises added in. (HB 4435 3/6/98 RC#252 (approved, 67-30).

#6. Teacher Retirement Credit for service as officer in statewide teaching association, (e.g., Judy Hale, AFT) (HB 4110) 3/12/98 RC#359 (approved, 85-14).

#7 and #8. Pledge to the taxpayers--In order to limit growth of government and waste in government and to ease the tax burden on the people of West Virginia, candidates pledged that: (1) He/she would not propose or support any action that would result in a net increase in the tax burden; (2) He/she will propose and support actions that will reduce waste in state and local govern ments; (3) He/she will propose and support roll-call voting in the House of Delegates of any and all actions and legislation that would result in a net increase in the cost of government.