Read by Delegate John Overington at the Pro-Life Rally in Charleston 2/16/2000

Dear Friends:

We, the teens of Berkeley County Teens for Life, send you greetings from the Eastern Panhandle.

We regret our absence, but are unable to attend due to traveling distance and previous schooling commitments.

We would like to let it be known that we believe that abortion and euthanasia violate the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, as stated in our nation's Declaration of Independence.

We desire to protect these rights through education, political activism, and acts of kindness and compassion for those in crisis pregnancies.

We hope that you will consider and stand with us in the protection of all humans, born and preborn, when you contemplate relative legislation.

Thank you for all of your work.


  • Gabrielle Slick
  • Jeremiah Marrs
  • Crystal King
  • Michael Marrs