The Chamber PAC 2006 General Election Endorsements

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Provided is a list of the endorsements of The Chamber PAC for the 2006 General Election. These endorsements were considered after candidate questionnaires were provided to each legislative candidate and after a phone interviews with many candidates in key races. Recommendations to the Chamber PAC committee also were provided by the Chamber’s Government Relations Committee.

West Virginia Senate (By District)

2nd – Larry Edgell (D) 9th – Russ Weeks (R)

3rd – J. Frank Deem (R) 10th – Jesse Guills (R)

4th – Mike Hall (R) 11th – Harold Sigler (R)

5th – Evan Jenkins (D) 12th – Joseph Minard (D)

7th – Ron Stollings, M.D. (D) 13th – Michael Oliverio (D)

8th – Mark Plants (R) 14th – David Sypolt (R)

9th – Mike Green (D) 15th – Walt Helmick (D)

17th – Brooks McCabe (D)

House of Delegates (By District)

1st – Randy Swartzmiller (D) 6th – William Romine (R)

2nd – Timothy Ennis (D) 7th – Lynwood Ireland (R)

3rd – Scott Reed (R), L. Gil White (R) 8th – Bill Anderson (R)

4th – Scott Varner (D) 9th – Larry Boarder (R)

5th – Dave Pethtel (D) 10th – Tom Azinger (R), J.D. Beane (D),

Fred Gillespie, M.D. (R)


11th – Bob Ashley (R) 38th – Doug Stalnaker (D)

12th – Mitch Carmichael (R) 39th – Bill Hamilton (R)

14th – Troy Andes (R) 41st – Samuel Cann (D)

15th – Kevin Craig (D), James Morgan (D), 42nd – Jeffery Tansill (R)

Carol Miller (R)

43rd – Rick Starn (R), Chuck Mullett (R)

16th – Doug Reynolds (D), Greg Howard (R),

Tommy Smirl (R), Kelli Sobonya (R) 44th – Robert Beach (D),Cindy

Frich (R), Jim Manilla (R)

17th – Lisa Peana (R)

45th – Larry Williams (D)

20th – Steve Kominar (D)

46th – Deborah Stevens (R)

22nd – Richard Browning (D), Jack

Fincham (R) 47th – Harold Michael (D)

23rd – Cliff Moore (D) 48th – Allen Evans (R)

24th – Eustace Frederick (D) 49th – Robert Schadler (R), Jerry

Detrick (D)

25th – Marshall Long (D)

50th – Royce Saville (D)

26th – Gerald Crosier (D)

51st – Daryl Cowles (R)

27th – Virginia Mahan (D), Ron Thompson (D),

Linda Sumner (R) 53rd – Jonathan Miller (R)

28th – Thomas Campbell (D), Ray Canterbury (R) 54th – Walter Duke (R)

29th – David Perry (D), John Pino (D), 55th – John Overington (R)

Margaret Staggers (D)

56th – Robert Tabb (D)

30th – Jon Amores (D), Corey Palumbo (D),

Kim Holmes (R), Phil Raines (R), 57th – John Doyle (D)

Mike Stuart (R)

58th – Locke Wysong (D)

31st – Charles Minimah (R)

32nd – Tim Armstead (R), Patrick Lane (R)

33rd – William Stemple (D)

36th – Joe Talbott (D)

37th – William Hartman (D), Bill Proudfoot (D)