The Primary Focus of the Conservatives.Org Site is to assist groups working on the state and county levels receive coordinated exposure on the Internet that will result in active participation in your organization.

Support of one or more of these goals does not imply support for all. If you or your group is advocating one of these issues and would like to work with us to advance it please contact us. We also welcome your suggestions for additional conservative state issues.

Summary of the issues that we will be focusing our attention on in West Virginia. Defining Conservatives and groups needed or existing, with the primary focus on the state and county levels.

  • Referendum Approval of State Tax Increases
  • Phase out Food Tax
  • Reduce State Income Tax
  • Simplify Tax System
  • Stop Growth in Government Spending & Regulation
  • Downsizing/Limiting Role of Government
          while Lowering Taxes
  • Increasing the Homestead Exemption
  • Supermajority for Tax Increases
  • Return Focus to the Rights of Law Abiding Citizens
  • Capital Punishment
  • Lowering Age for Violent Juvenile Crime Offenders
  • Publish names of Repeat and Violent
          Juvenile Offenders
  • Truth in Sentencing - Requiring inmates to serve
          75% or more of their sentence
  • Inmate Work Requirement and Victim Restitution
  • Tuition Tax credit and School Vouchers
  • Expand Charter Schools
  • Increase Local Control and Decision Making
  • Text Book Monitoring
  • Religious Freedom in Schools
  • Casino Gambling and Video Slot Machines
  • Homosexual Agenda/No Special Rights
  • Pornography/Sexually Oriented Businesses
  • Day Care/WorkFare/LearnFare
  • Challenging Anti-Family, Anti-Christian Bias
  • Provide $500 Tax Credit per Child for Families
  • End Tax Funded Abortions, Late Term Abortions
  • And Partial Birth Abortions
  • Pro Life Constitutional Amendment
  • Parental and Informed Consent
  • Pro Free Market for Job Creation
  • Support for Right to Work
  • Union Membership Approval for Political Spending of Dues
  • Union Reform
  • Opposition to Collective Bargaining
  • Prevailing wage rate elimination/reform
  • Workers Comp./Unemployment Comp. Reform
  • Concealed Weapons Rights for Law Abiding Citizens
  • Protection of Pistols, Semi-Automatics &
          Rifles Ownership Rights
  • Hunting, Self-Protection Rights
  • Initiative/Referendum/Recall
  • Term Limits (8 or 12 years)
  • Unfunded Mandates
  • Voluntary School Prayer
  • English - Official Language
  • Tort Reform/Medical Malpractice/Civil Justice Reform
  • D.C. Statehood Opposition
  • Redistricting/Single Delegate Districts
  • Returning Judicial Branch to its Intended Role