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(D ) Joe Manchin, III A+
 (R ) Monty Warner A

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(D ) *Darrell McGrawA
 (R ) Hiram Lewis, IV A

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 (D ) Ken Hechler F
 (R ) Betty Ireland A

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District 1
District 2
District 3

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District 1
 (D ) Tal Hutchins B
(R) *Andy McKenzie A+
District 2
(D) *Jeffrey V. Kessler A+
 (R ) Russ Snyder A
District 3
(R ) *Donna J. Boley A+
District 4
 (D ) David Mullins F
(R ) *Karen Facemyer A+
District 5
(D ) *Robert H. "Bob" Plymale A
 (R ) Stephen L. Hall A
District 6
(D ) *John Pat Fanning A
 (R ) Jacob T. (Jake) Potter B
District 7
(D ) *Earl Ray Tomblin A+
 (R ) Billy Marcum A
District 8
 (D) Margaret WorkmanB
(R) *Vic SprouseA+
District 9
(D ) *Billy Wayne Bailey, Jr. A+
 (R ) Jack E. Fincham C
District 10
(D) *Anita Skeens Caldwell A+
 (R ) Donald T. Caruth A
District 11
(D) *Shirley LoveA+
 (R ) Robert C. "Bob" Johnson B
District 12
(D) *Bill Sharpe A
 (R ) Stephen L. Weaver B-
District 13
(D ) *Roman W. Prezioso, Jr. A
 (R ) Mark Anthony Reynolds F
District 14
(D ) *Jon Blair HunterA
 (R ) David C. Sypolt A
District 15
(D ) *Mike RossA+
 (R ) Clark S. BarnesB
District 16
 (D ) R. Gregory Lance A
 (R ) John YoderA
District 17
 (D) Dan FosterD
(R) Rusty WebbA

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District 1 (VOTE FOR TWO)
(D ) *Joe DeLong A
(D ) *Randy Swartzmiller A+
 (R ) Pat Chaney ?
 (R ) Roger D. Madden D
District 2 (VOTE FOR TWO)
(D ) *Tim Ennis A+
 (D ) *Jack Yost C+
 (R ) Jamey Gray ?
 (R ) Robert "Les" McNinch C
District 3 (VOTE FOR TWO)
 (D ) Orphy KlempaA
 (D) Jerry TigheA
 (R) *Christopher WakimB
(R) *L. Gil White A+
District 4 (VOTE FOR TWO)
(D ) *Kenneth D. Tucker A
(D ) *Scott G. Varner A+
 (R ) Cody J. Lucey A
 (R ) Ronald Morris A
District 5
(D ) *Dave Pethtel A+
 (R ) Ed Amos, Jr. A
District 6
 (R ) *Wm. Roger Romine C-
District 7
 (R ) *Otis A. Leggett B
District 8
(R) *E.W. "Bill" Anderson, Jr.A
District 9
 (D ) Jeff Lewis A
(R ) *Larry Border A
District 10 (VOTE FOR THREE)
(D) *J.D. BeaneA
 (D) Patrick RadcliffC
 (D) Scott Wilkinson?
(R) *Tom AzingerA
 (R) *John EllemB
 (R) Fred GillespieA
District 11
(R ) *Bob Ashley A
District 12
 (D) Carbon SidersA
 (R) *Mitch CarmichaelB
District 13 (VOTE FOR TWO)
 (D ) *Dale Martin B+
(D ) *Brady R. Paxton A
(R ) Jack R. McLane A
(R ) Christopher Troy Wood A
District 14 (VOTE FOR TWO)
(R ) *Mike Hall A
(R) *Patti Eagloski Schoen B+
District 15 (VOTE FOR THREE)
(D ) *Kevin J. Craig A
 (D ) *Margarette R. Leach C
(D ) *Jim Morgan A
 (R ) Dennis A. Barry B-
 (R ) Carol D. Miller B
 (R ) Paula L. Stewart A
District 16 (VOTE FOR THREE)
 (D ) Susan Hubbard A
 (D ) Bobby Nelson ?
 (D ) Dale Stephens A
(R ) *Greg HowardA-
 (R ) Matt Sabin B
(R ) *Kelli Sobonya A
District 17 (VOTE FOR TWO)
 (D) *Richard Thompson B+
(D) *Don PerdueA+
 (R) Leslie (Les) RameyA
 (R) Matt StroudA
District 18
 (D) Larry Barker A
 (R) Warren MillerA
District 19 (VOTE FOR FOUR)
 (D ) *Greg Butcher B
 (D ) Jeff Eldridge C
(D ) *Joe C. Ferrell A
 (D ) *Lidella Wilson HrutkayB+
 (R ) Jeffrey M. Cook C
(R ) Dave Litz A
(R ) Jim Mullins A
 (R ) William E. Williams B
District 20
(D ) *K. Steven Kominar A+
 (R ) Diane Shafer D
District 21
(D ) *Harry Keith White A
 (R ) James Saunders A
District 22 (VOTE FOR TWO)
(D ) *Richard Browning A
(D ) *W. Richard "Rick" Staton A
 (R ) Shawn R. Spears ?
 (R) Brandon BlaylockA
District 23
 (D) Clif MooreB
 (R) Mike LushbaughA
District 24
 (D) *Eustace FrederickB+
 (R) Douglas QuesinberryA
District 25 (VOTE FOR TWO)
(D) *Marshall LongA
 (D) Michael MagannA
 (R) Jonathan Hall ?
 (R) Thomas "Mike" PorterC
District 26
(D) *Gerald L. Crosier A
 (R ) Duane MillerB
District 27 (VOTE FOR FIVE)
(D) *Virginia MannA+
(D ) *Robert S. Kiss A+
 (D ) *Sally Susman B
(D ) *Ron Thompson A
 (D ) John D. Wooton B
 (R ) Charles "Chuck" Carpenter B
 (R) Ron HedrickB
 (R ) Robert Pulliam A
 (R ) Philip L. Stevens A
 (R ) *Linda SumnerB+
District 28 (VOTE FOR TWO)
(D) *Thomas W. CampbellA-
 (D) Tommy ScarlesB
(R) *Ray CanterburyA-
 (R) Charlie FriedmanB
District 29 (VOTE FOR THREE)
(D ) *Tom Louisos A
(D ) *David G. Perry A
(D ) *John Pino A
 (R ) Betty Lilly?
 (R ) Wandaleen Kincaid SchallenA
 (R) Richard P. Taylor A
District 30 (VOTE FOR SEVEN)
(D) *Sharon SpencerA+
(D) *Jon AmoresA-
 (D) *Bonnie Brown F
 (D) *Barbara "Bobbie" HatfieldB-
(D) Mark HuntA
 (D) *Corey PalumboC
 (D) Danny Wells?
 (R) *Ann CalvertB+
 (R) Todd Carden C-
 (R) Rebecca A. Mathews?
 (R) Austin C. MooreC
 (R) Phil RainesA
 (R) Bradford SimsA
 (R) Jerry SummersA
District 31
 (D) *Carrie WebsterB+
 (R) Charles MinimahC
District 32 (VOTE FOR THREE)
 (D) Jon William Cain, Sr.C+
 (D) Robert "Bob" Morrison?
 (D) Curtis RobinsonA
(R) *Tim ArmsteadA
 (R) Patrick LaneA
(R) *Ron WaltersA+
District 33
(D ) *William F. "Bill" Stemple A+
 (R ) Charles W. McKown C
District 34
(D ) *Brent Boggs A+
 (R ) Bradley N. Shingler ?
District 35
(D) Sam ArgentoA
 (R) Bill SalomonC
District 36
(D ) *Joe Talbott A
 (R ) Jim Thompson C
District 37 (VOTE FOR TWO)
(D ) *Bill Hartman A
(D ) *Bill Proudfoot A+
 (R ) Mulvie William Grimes C
 (R ) Bruce Haddix B-
District 38
(D ) *Doug Stalnaker A
 (R ) Derrick W. Love A
District 39
 (D) Teresa KhanA
(R) *Bill HamiltonA
District 40
(D ) *Mary M. Poling A
 (R ) William Robert Wright A
District 41 (VOTE FOR FOUR)
(D ) *Samuel J. "Sam" Cann A
 (D ) *Ron Fragale B
 (D ) *Richard J. Iaquinta C
 (D ) Tim Miley A
 (R ) William H "Bill" Griffith B-
 (R ) Lamont "Mutt" Proctor C
 (R ) James L. Scudere C
 (R ) Brooks (CB) Sharp B
District 42
 (D ) Diane C. Parker A
 (R ) Jeffery L. Tansill B
District 43 (VOTE FOR THREE)
 (D ) *Mike Caputo B
 (D ) Linda Longstreth C
 (D ) Timothy J. Manchin B
 (R ) Blaine Richards ?
 (R ) Thomas F. Smith A
 (R ) Brian Westfall A
District 44 (VOTE FOR FOUR)
(D) *Robert "Bob" BeachA
 (D) *Barbara Evans FleischauerC
 (D) Nancy HoustonA
 (D) Charlene Marshall?
(R) *Cindy FrichA
 (R) Jim ManillaA
 (R) W. Kent PauleyB
 (R) Jeff RiffleA
District 45
(D) *Larry A. Williams A
 (R) David BatsonA
District 46
(D ) *Stan Shaver A+
 (R ) Deborah "Debbie" Stevens B
District 47
(D ) *Harold Michael A+
 (R ) Shirley Estes A
District 48
(R ) *Allen V. Evans A
 (D) Denver Lee Riggleman, Jr.?
District 49
 (D) Walter Grove?
 (R) *Robert SchadlerC-
District 50
(D ) *Jerry L. Mezzatesta A
 (R ) Ruth Rowan A
District 51
(R ) *Charles S. Trump IV A
District 52
 (D ) Scott Funk ?
(R ) *Craig Blair A
District 53
 (D) Jerry Burton?
 (R) Vic RobertsC
District 54
 (R) *Walter DukeB+
District 55
(R) *John OveringtonA
District 56
(D ) *Bob Tabb A
 (R ) James "Jim" Whitacre A
District 57
 (D) *John DoyleD
 (R) Robert "Bob" MurtoA
District 58
 (D) Locke WysongB
 (R) Suzanne Morgan A

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EVCs for West Virginia

Listed below is the contact information for your congressional district’s Election Volunteer Coordinator (EVC). Your EVC acts as the liaison between NRA members & gun owners in your district and various pro-freedom campaigns. The main goal of an EVC is to provide these campaigns with dedicated, educated volunteers to assist with phone banks, literature drops, precinct walks, voter registration, Election Day activities, and other campaign volunteer activities.

In the 2000 elections, NRA members played an integral role in changing the course of history for the Second Amendment. Through your tireless efforts and willingness to volunteer, we ended eight long years of the Clinton-Gore regime, and put in the White House someone who understands, appreciates, and respects our firearms heritage. President George W. Bush’s administration reversed the bogus interpretation of its predecessor’s, that the Second Amendment was a “collective right,” by boldly asserting that the Second Amendment means what the drafters of the Constitution said, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.“

With all the hard work you displayed in 2000 and the benefits gun owners are reaping from your efforts, we can’t stop now. We must finish the fight!

Even if you can spare only an hour a week, or a couple of days between now and November 2, your EVC needs to hear from you. If the future or our Second Amendment rights aren’t worth a few hours of your time, what is?

(NOTE: If an EVC vacancy exists in your district, call ILA Grassroots at (800) 392-VOTE (8683) to learn what you can do locally to assist pro-freedom campaigns in your area.)

Leonard Miller
Wardensville, WV

GRADES - Here is what the Ratings mean


A+   An incumbent with not only an excellent voting record on critical NRA issues, but who has also made a vigorous effort to promote the Second Amendment.

A   Solidly pro-gun candidate. An “A” incumbent who has supported NRA positions on key votes. May also describe a non-incumbent “A” candidate (one not represented with an *) who has previously held other office and cast consistent pro-gun votes, or an “A” candidate who hasn’t held office but has expressed strong support for NRA positions on Second Amendment issues. It should be noted that a “non-incumbent” candidate may have been awarded the “A” rating due solely to their responses on the NRA-PVF candidate survey.

B   A generally pro-gun candidate, but a “B” incumbent may have voted for some restrictive legislation in the past. A “B” candidate who hasn’t held office may have made some statements or taken positions against the NRA on some issues.

C   Not necessarily a passing grade. A “C” candidate may have cast some pro-gun votes in the past but has also recently cast key votes or made some statements contrary to NRA positions on key issues.

D   An anti-gun candidate who has frequently voted for restrictive gun control legislation or made strong statements in opposition to Second Amendment rights, and regardless of public statements can definitely not be counted on in key votes.

F   True enemy of gun owners’ rights. A vehement anti-gun candidate who always opposes gun owners’ rights and/or actively leads anti-gun legislative efforts, or sponsors anti-gun legislation.

?   Failed to answer NRA-PVF candidate questionnaire, often an indication of indifference, if not outright hostility, to gun owners’ and sportsmen’s rights.

*   Indicates an incumbent running for re-election.

NRA members should be aware that Libertarian candidates as a rule are pro-gun.

Information provided by the NRA @ http://nrapvf.org/elections/State.aspx?State=WV