West Virginia Family Values Questionnaire 2002

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I - Abortion

1. Since abortions are presently legal, do you support requiring both parents and/or guardians giving consent for minors to have abortions (except in special cases as established by a court of law)?

2. Do you support legislation stopping partial birth abortion?

3. Do you support state tax dollars being used to fund abortion?


4. Do you support casino gambling, including river-boat gambling in West Virginia?

5. Do you support the expansion of bingo, bingo casinos and raffles?

6. Do you support the expansion of video lottery/slot machines at the four dog and horse race tracks?

7. Do you support the expansion of the West Virginia lottery?


8. Do you support INITIATIVE (giving the people the right to place an issue on the ballot to vote directly on that issue)?

9. Do you support REFERENDUM (giving the people the right to reject newly passed legislation by having it placed on the ballot)?

10. Do you support RECALL (giving the people the right to recall elected officials)?

11. Do you support passage of a House of Delegates rule requiring automatic recording of votes of bills on passage as is done in the West Virginia Senate (currently many bills pass on unrecorded voice votes)?

12. Do you support a rule change, which allows 10 delegates to sign a petition requiring a bill to be brought before the full House for consideration and for the Senate, 4 votes for a bill to be brought before the full Senate? (Currently most bills are not considered and die in committee.)


13. In the 2001 Legislative Session, H.B. 2595 waived for two years the requirement of parents having four years of education beyond the level of children they are home-schooling. Do you support legislation making this change permanent?

14. Do you support a tax credit of $1,000 per year per student to parents who send their children to a private school and $500 for home schooling?

15. Do you support requiring the teaching in public schools of the founding documents of the U.S. including the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, the Federalist Papers and Anti-Federalist Papers and their role in our history?

16. Do you support the requirement of timely parental notification so that children may "opt out" of any presentation of culturally offensive instruction or material on human sexuality and behavior to their children?


17. Do you support legislation to restrict and regulate Sexually Oriented Businesses such as prohibiting totally nude performances?

18. Do you support the requirement for filtering software to block pornography from computers in public schools and libraries?

19. Do you support legislation encouraging the prominent display of our national motto, "In God We Trust" (Officially adopted by Congress in 1956) in public buildings?

20. Do you support "sexual orientation" being added to the existing section of the West Virginia Code dealing with hate crimes thereby giving special treatment for crimes involving homosexuals?

21 Do you support the repeal of hate crime legislation, which treats various categories of people differently under the law by creating special classes or groups of people?