PRESS RELEASE October 12, 1998



(Charleston, WV) For the 2nd time the WV Family Foundation has published voting information for each of the Senate and House of Delegate candidates throughout the state, by Senatorial District. That means that each of the 17 Senatorial Districts have been published with a separate voter guide with only a dozen or so local candidates. This enables the voters to review a candidates record without having to sort through 117 election campaigns and about 200 different legislative candidates.

The WV Family Foundation has been publishing statewide voting records since 1990, however it was not until 1996 that the first guides were published by Senatorial District. Almost 100,000 voter guides were distributed in 1996 in churches, stores and by direct mail. For 1998 this information is also being published in newspapers such as the "Day Star Tribune" (304-367-6556) and it is available on the internet at

The "Senate and Delegate Candidates Family Values Questionnaire and Voting Record" is a non-partisan voter information guide, which does not endorse any candidate but merely publishes information about candidate responses or voting history. Because this information is non-partisan, it is legal to display or hand out in churches or public buildings. This avoids the disagreeable practice of putting voter guides on car windshields, used by political action committees.

The West Virginia Family Foundation is a Christian pro-family organization which is dedicated to promoting Biblical standards of decency, defending traditional family values, improving the quality of education for our children and protecting families from the moral disintegration of our society.

The issues which have been selected for the voter guides include; Voters Rights, Abortion, Education, Gambling, Marriage and Child Protection. We have tried to include those issues which are of current concern in the legislature, which have recorded votes for scoring incumbents and which are Biblically defensible.

We hope you will help us let the voters know how candidates stand on these issues. Please feel free to contact us at the address below. We would appreciate any contributions to help defray expenses.

Sincerely, Samuel A. Cravotta, President

West Va. Family Foundation
P.O. Box 5657, Charleston, WV 25361

WEST VIRGINIA FAMILY FOUNDATION IS A 501(C) 4 NON-PROFIT CORP. CONTRIBUTIONS ARE NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE. West Virginia residents may obtain a summary of the registration and financial documents from the Secretary of State, State Capitol Charleston, West Virginia 25305. Registration does not imply endorsement.