The WV Family Foundation was born in November of 1990 with the help and support of Rev. Don Wildmon and the American Family Association. Since then we have been a light in the political darkness of West Virginia through the publication of the West Virginia Family News, election voter guides and lobbying efforts to protect families and our Biblical values.

Several years ago there were some concerns about legal liabilities which caused a split with the AFA, but now the National Association and our State Family Foundation will once again work together to promote decency.

This has come about thanks to the effort of Kathleen OíConnor who was elected as our Vice President in June of 1998. Kathleen is from Wheeling West Virginia and she has proven to be a tireless worker, for the cause of Jesus Christ.


At the next Board of Directors meeting, Kathleen OíConnor will be officially nominated to be the next President of the West Virginia Family Foundation, also Don Green of Charleston has agreed to serve as Vice President. In the interim, Kathleen will begin leadership duties under the direction of current president, Sam Cravotta, who is moving to North Carolina. She urges all of Godís faithful people to stand firm.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Our kind Lord has given me a vision for West Virginia. I believe one day we will be a state cherished for our Godliness not a place scorned for its ignorance.

This is not difficult for it is Godís will. We are chosen for this blessing. But until the "Body of Christ" awakens from its apathy and rises up in revival, we have a great work to do, exposing darkness to the light and defending our children from the temptations of evil. I look forward to meeting each of you and working together fulfilling Godís plans for our state.

Your Sincere Servant in Christ

Kathleen OíConnor


  1. National Day of Prayer - WV Family Foundation has promoted the National Day of Prayer in each of the 55 counties of West Virginia for the past 7 years. While we will continue to support these efforts, the leadership of this event has been given to Lou Belcher, President of West Virginia Womenís Aglow.
  2. WV Child Protection Act - Since 1992 we have supported "Harmful to Minors" legislation to protect children from the sale or rental of pornography. WV is one of a handful of states like Nevada which does not protect children from pornography.
  3. Stop Gambling Expansion- WV is getting ready to legalize "Gray" video poker gambling machines. Similar laws in South Carolina have led to thousands of "mini-casinos" across the state. Gambling contributions and corruption must be exposed.
  4. Academics in Education - The foundation of all learning is reading, but in West Virginia instead of traditional phonics, most kids are taught "Whole Language". This method teaches individual sight recognition of whole words, thus reducing the English language to the equivalent of Chinese picture characters. Family Privacy and School-to-work are other important education issues.
  5. Traditional Marriage vs The Homosexual Agenda- For the seventh year "Lesbians and Gays" are pushing for special rights which can be used as tools to promote sodomy in schools and to punish churches which teach Biblical morality. It is sad that we must now pass a law to define marriage as the "union of one man and one woman."
  6. Voterís Rights - We will continue to work with statewide efforts spearheaded by West Virginia Concerned Citizens and their new President Denzel Sloan.


Volunteers are needed; to contribute money to pay for mailings, to write letters to the Editor and to legislators, to contact local school boards, and to work with local groups of concerned Christians. Wonít you please give Kathleen your support by contributing today?

Without your financial assistance we cannot continue opposing Gambling Corruption and the Homosexual agenda. And donít forget to subscribe to the Day Star Tribune $16 for 12 issues per year.

May God bless those who care !

Samuel A. Cravotta, President

West Virginia Family Foundation

Contributions are not tax deductible. West Virginia residents may obtain a summary of the registration and financial documents from the Secretary of State, State Capitol, Charleston, WV 25305. Registration does not imply endorsement.