FAIR CAMPAIGN PRACTICES ACT - SB573; Bill to require all state legislative campaign reports to be filed in Charleston. "The Fair Campaign Code included a political board which can issue censures. This may discourage candidates from singing the Fair Campaign Code. This law would regulate and require financial statements of any communications, with political overtones, within 60 days of an election and it would potentially stifle free speech. RCS# 207, 3/10/95, passed, 58 (Y) - 41 (N). WV for Life took the state to Federal court to challenge the constitutionality of this law due to "prior restraint of free speech." The law was found to be unconstitutional.


A PRO-LIFE PETITION - Letter signed by 60 Delegates and Senators, was sent to Speaker Newt Gingrich, R-GA, and Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole telling them to stop federal funding to West Virginia that could be used to promote abortion clinics or to counsel for abortions. Legislators who were not in office were given the opportunity to respond to their willingness to sign such a letter, via questionnaire.


HB-2866 - By Del. Williams, Manuel, Beach, Hubbard, Spencer and Henderson (Originating in House Education) - Procedures relating to faculty senate recommendations and duties of teachers and personnel on days of faculty senate meetings. - Introduced - Senate concurred in House amendment and passed bill 4/12 - Vetoed by Governor 5/7/97. This bill required school principals to explain in writing why any order of the Faculty Senate would not be implemented.


SB-300 ESTABLISHING JOBS THROUGH EDUCATION - Passed Senate 2/23/96, - To Education then Finance - Passed House 3/6 by Voice Vote - Senate passed bill 3/7 by a vote of 32 to 2 - Approved by the Governor 3/20/96. This legislation was passed with the promise that it would not cause additional costs plus it would increase emphasis on academics. Cost estimates have ranged into millions of dollars and academics cannot be taught to students who are busy at menial make work jobs with local businesses. Problems of transportation, student supervision, missing classes and limited career choices have yet to be solved.


HB-2765 - "GREENBRIER CASINO BILL" - Authorizing one gaming facility to be located in an historic resort hotel upon approval of county voters. 4/03/97, RCS # 183 Vote for an Amendment, which would require that all state voters be allowed to approve (or reject) this facility. A vote for the amendment was a vote against the casino. The measure failed with 70 nays and only 30 yeas. Final passage was pulled from the House calendar and no votes taken in the Senate.


SB-93 Originating in Senate Government Organization - Repealing section relating to continuation of racetrack video lottery act - Passed Senate 2/26/97 - Passed House 3/7 - Approved by Governor 3/18/97. This bill removed the "Sunset Provisions" which required periodic review and re-authorization. Racetrack Video Lottery is now a permanent part of State Law. Many fiscal conservatives supported this action, because it was requested by state bond companies.


SB-332 INCREASING LOTTERY SALES AGENT COMMISSIONS - By Sen Oliverio, Buckalew, Craigo, Ball, Sprouse, Fanning, Bowman, Plymale, Ross Sharpe and Anderson - Increasing lottery sales agent commissions - (Originating in Senate Small Business) Passed House 4/2 by Voice Vote - Senate passed bill 4/3 - Approved by Governor 4/18/97. The promotion of sales through increased commissions puts more state money in the hands of gambling entrepreneurs and gives them greater financial incentive to drain more money from the poor of West Virginia.


HB 2595 - By Del. Pettit, Doyle, Manuel, Seacrist and Faircloth - Relating generally to simulcasting of horse and dog races and pari-mutuel wagering on simulcast races - Passed House 4/3/97 - Senate insisted that House concur 4/12 -Senate passed 4/12 - Approved by Governor 5/7/97. There is concern that linking all four state racetracks together through video communication will lead to strengthening the network of gambling interest who are apparently seeking to control our state.



A = ABORTION related bills; SB-326 and HB-2773 - Bans Partial Birth Abortion, HB-2131 Advised Consent for Abortion, HB-2042 - Parental Consent for Minors

M = MARRIAGE related; HB-2179 - Traditional "Marriage" Defined, bans homosexual unions.

V = VOTERS RIGHTS; HJR Proposed Constitutional Amendment for Initiative and Referendum.

C = CHILD related bills; HB-2224 WV Child Protection Act Disseminating Indecent Material to Minors, HB-2141 Child Abuse Investigations, HB-2143 Medical Exam Required for Child Abuse, HB-2080 &2081 Evidence of Child Abuse and Neglect, SB-22 & 263 Grandparent Rights, SB-25 Offense of False Child Abuse Reports, SB-61 Adoption Proceedings.

E = EDUCATION REFORM; HB-2778 and HB 2746 and HB 2819 - Amendments to Jobs Through Education Act. SB-309 and HB-2173 - Repeals Jobs through Education Act, HJR-3 Requires State Board of Education Election by Senatorial District, HB-2256 - Education Tax Credit "School Choice", HB-2488 - Religious Freedom and Heritage Education.

J = JUSTICE related bills; HB-2096 - Self Defense Immunity from Civil and Criminal Liability, SB-13 HJR-14 - Capital Punishment for 1st Degree Murder, SB-2 - Restrict Violent Offenders, SB-8 - Deny Bail to Sex Offenders, SB-64 - Prohibiting Nude Dancing, SB-105 and SB-141 Victims Rights.


H = HOMOSEXUAL RIGHTS BILLS; HB - 2505/SB-495 - Sexual Orientation Rights to Employment and Accommodations, SB-369 and HB-2481 - Prohibiting Discrimination for Sexual Orientation

G = GAMBLING BILLS; SB-93 Video Lottery act Continuation, SB-332 and HB-2668 Increase Lottery Sales Commission, HB 2595 and SB-494 - Racetrack Televised Simulcast, SB-531 & HB-2765 - Greenbrier Casino Bill, HB-2594 - Video Lottery Pay Options, HB-2531 - Lottery Income to Cities, HB 2631 & SB-498 - Horse & Dog Racing Tax Exemption, SB-419 - On Line Computer Lottery, SB-465 - Racetrack Video Lottery Coin Slot Machines.

C = CHILD RELATED ISSUES; HB-2081 Allows Hearsay Evidence in Child Abuse Hearings, HB-2262, Jail Parents Who Remove Children from School, HB-2830 Terminate Parental Custody for False Swearing.