Family Values Vote Descriptions
House of Delegates Votes

Attached is the WVFF PAC Endorsed Candidate List.

We worked hard to get our candidates elected. Our efforts included Family Values Questionnaires, Voter Guides which were mailed to churches across the state and hand distributed, and letters to editors.

WVFF PAC is the internal PAC for the West Virginia Family Foundation, Inc. (WVFF), a statewide pro-family organization. The WVFF is working to strengthen the family by fighting the permissive abortion-on-demand attitude which undermines respect for life; and by opposing the promotion and expansion of gambling that is undermining the work ethic of West Virginian citizens.

Among issues addressed by the West Virginia Family Foundation were partial-birth abortions, using state tax dollars to finance abortions, a variety of issues dealing with the expansion of gambling, easing excessive restrictions regarding home-schooling, a requirement to notify parents allowing timely parental notification so children may opt out of instruction on offensive sexual behavior, blocking pornography from schools in public schools and libraries, allowing greater restrictions on sexually oriented businesses, special treatment for homosexuals.

Other questions covered casino and riverboat gambling, expansion of video lottery and slot machines.

The group also addressed issues regarding voterís rights including initiative and referendum, recall of elected officials, automatic roll-call votes in the House, allowing 10 delegates to force bills out of committees, and mandatory instruction of our nationís historic documents that played a key role in the founding of our nation.

The WVFF supports allowing parents to have the best choice of education and schools for their children; and increasing citizen involvement and accountability of our political process. The group is working to stop the proliferation of pornography and sexual oriented businesses in our neighborhoods and communities and supports the traditional marriage and family. The group strives to achieve this goal through public education and legislation, as well as by supporting those candidates who best reflect these values.

The rating from the candidate Questionnaire responses and Voting Records can be found at and

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Kevin McCoy, President West Virginia Family Foundation P. O. Box 11752 Charleston, WV 25339 304-965-6700

Endorsed Candidate Office Party Dist. Elected
Christopher Wakim House R 3 Y
Otis A. Leggett House R 7 Y
E. W. "Bill" Anderson House R 8 Y
Larry Border House R 9 Y
Tom Azinger House R 10 Y
John Ellem House R 10 Y
Fred Gillespie House R 10 N
Bob Ashley House R 11 Y
Mitch Carmichael House R 12 Y
Jack R. McLane House R 13 N
Mike Hall House R 14 Y
Patti Eagloski Schoen House R 14 Y
Paula Stewart House R 15 N
Greg Howard House R 16 Y
Jody Smirl House R 16 Y
Kelli Sobonya House R 16 Y
Jim Mullins House R 19 N
Gwen Ramey House R 19 N
Becky Romero House R 19 N
Eustice Frederick House D 24 Y
Donald T. Caruth House R 25 Y
Kevin A. Pruitt House R 26 N
Charles H. Carpenter, Jr. House R 27 N
Philip L. Stevens House R 27 N
Linda Sumner House R 27 Y
Ray Canterbury House R 28 Y
Tom Fast House R 29 N
Tom Louisos House D 29 Y
Ann Calvert House R 30 Y
Bill Henry House R 30 N
George "Brud" Warner House R 30 N
Tim Armstead House R 32 Y
Ronald N. Walters House R 32 Y
Rusty Webb House R 32 Y
Jim Thompson House R 36 N
Bruce Haddix House R 37 N
Lonnie R. Moore, Sr. House R 40 N
Charles S. Mullett House R 43 N
Cindy Frich House R 44 Y
Robert "Bob" Beach House D 44 Y
Robert E. Schadler House R 49 Y
Charles S. Trump, IV House R 51 Y
John Overington House R 55 Y
Fred Blackmer House R 58 N
Lisa Smith Senate R 4 Y
T. F. Scott Senate R 5 N
Steve Harrison Senate R 8 Y
Russell E. "Russ" Weeks Senate R 9 Y
Jesse Guills Senate R 10 Y
Rick Rice Senate R 11 N
Joe Minard Senate D 12 Y
Sarah Minear Senate R 14 Y
Patrick Lane Senate R 17 N