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West Virginia Home Educators Association

Legislative Candidate Questionnaire, 2002 General Election

Your name: _____________ ____________ Candidate for: ________________________

Directions: Please try to answer every question. Note that some questions require you to circle a response for each listed choice. We welcome your comments or additions.

1. Are you personally acquainted with any homeschooling-families?     __   Yes   __  No

If yes, what is your impression of the quality of education they provide? (circle one)

Excellent     Mostly  good      Mixed      Mostly poor          Inadequate

Directions: For questions 2 through 7, rate each statement on a scale from 1 to 5 according to how strongly you agree or disagree. If you don't feel you have enough information to answer, circle DK.

Strongly agree                  Strongly disagree       don't know

2. Homeschooling is an acceptable alternative to public

or private school.                                                                                              1          2            3             4              5               DK

3. A great variety of educational options, including

homeschooling, should be accessible to all

West Virginians (adults and children).                                                             1          2            3             4              5               DK

4. In regard to home educated students, current West Virginia

law provides... (please answer each choice separately)

sufficient amount of legislative oversight                                         1          2            3             4              5               DK

too much unneeded regulation                                                          1          2            3             4              5               DK

insufficient oversight                                                                        1          2            3             4              5               DK

5. WV is the only US state that requires parent-teachers of

high-school-level homeschoolers to have 4 years more formal

education than their most academically advanced child.

The WV Legislature has suspended this rule for a

3-year period concluding June 2003.

This requirement should be permanently dropped.                         1          2            3             4              5               DK

6. A homeschooled student's progress can be adequately

assessed by... (please answer each choice separately)

Observation by the person providing instruction                            1          2            3             4              5               DK

Portfolio reviewed by a certified teacher                                        1          2            3             4              5               DK

Nationally normed standardized test                                              1          2            3             4              5               DK

Test based on State standards                                                         1          2            3             4              5               DK

Other evaluation chosen by parent                                                 1          2            3             4              5               DK

7. Current law allows homeschooled students to use the resources of taxpayer-supported public schools including textbooks and other teaching materials and class attendance. However, the WV Secondary Schools Activities Commission rules prevent homeschooled children from participating in sports and band programs.  SAC rules should be modified to allow homeschooled children equal opportunity to participate in all publicly funded activities.

                                                                                                 Strongly agree                   Strongly disagree  don't know

                                                                                                      1          2            3             4              5               DK

Directions for #8: Rank as directed below.

8. Many people or groups can be involved in educating a child. Please indicate below which individuals or

groups should be involved in choosing the goals and methods of a homeschooled child's education.

Please number each of these individuals or groups, ranking them from the most responsible to the least, starting with 1

for the most responsible. If you feel the given choice has no responsibility at all, put an X on the line.

__ Student (if age appropriate)

__ Parent

__ Teachers

__ Local school officials

__ State Department of Education

__ State Legislature

__ Federal Government

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.

Please indicate ifyou would like additional information about homeschooling.  ___ Yes  ___ No

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